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Holistic health from head to toe

Connecting clients to wellness best practices in beauty & body.

Meet Renee

Hair Stylist, Yoga Instructor & Health Coach

For years, I've been working towards feeling my best through movement, food & clean products.  With all my research, certifications & yoga sessions, I still found I was getting sick far too often.  And then it clicked. 

I was working in a hair salon with harsh chemicals & toxins that were irritating my lungs & skin.  I made the move to my own space with proper ventilation clean products and never looked back.  

My goal?  A non-toxic environment where we can chat about wellness, recipes, fitness and more, all while I make you your most beautiful self.  

Whether I'm behind the chair or on a yoga mat, I'm here to help you look & feel your best.  


A gentler approach to hair color.

Say goodbye to harsh dyes & chemicals and say hello to a healthier you.

Kevin Murphy

Sustainable & ethical, these  products combine hi-tech scientific knowledge with the best natural ingredients available.

Hair Story

These products are environmentally safe & free of all toxic chemicals & detergents.  To boot, a portion of sales go toward keeping waterways clean.  Enter Renee Koczkodan at checkout for exclusive deals, like 20% off your first purchase and free shipping.  

Hair Color

Our colors are the best natural products you can find without all the harsh chemicals.  Trust us, the coverage can't be beat.  


Clean, well filtered air, no harsh smells or hectic activity... your hair appointment will be a zen, restorative experience.

Keratin Express

Get beautiful, sleek hair without the formaldehyde, aldehydes or harsh chemicals found in traditional keratin products.  

Aria Beauty Styling Tools

These styling tools use gentle, deep-penetrating infrared heat that never damages hair and ensures endless shine and softness; negative ions clean hair and reduce both static and frizz.


A well-rounded approach to yoga.

My yoga classes are tailored to you.  

Slow Gentle Flow at Common Ground Yoga

Tuesdays 6pm

In this harmonious flow, poses are guided in a slow mindful manner giving new students time to connect to the postures. Emphasis is placed on taking full mindful inhales and exhales as your move through class. Moving in this slow and deliberate manner, students are asked to connect with their felt sense of being and observe closely the thoughts, emotions and sensations that arise during practice. Class ends with a restful and restorative savasana.

Recommended For: Beginners, All-Levels(75 mins)

Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ products are made from the juice powder concentrates and oils from more than 40 different fruits, vegetables and grains.

Tower Garden

Easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food virtually anywhere, year‑round, without soil.



Renee is exceptionally talented and she is worth every penny. I have a lot of unruly baby fine mousy colored frizzy hair that is very difficult to control. She makes it work for me. My color is perfect every time and my cut works for my face. I have seen her work wonders on other people as well.

- Jenny


Let's talk about you.

Where to find me.



33 4th Avenue Studio 17, Needham, MA, United States